Nours had three main goals as a brand: to donate to women in STEM, bring environmental and social awareness to luxury branding, and promote the use of exosomes in skincare. Going against high-end competitors such as La Mer and Chantecaille, Nours positioned itself as charitable and sustainable without losing luxury branding's opulent appeal. The logo mark is a marble bust of a relaxed woman with a leaf winding up. Purple tones were chosen to represent luxury and nature such as hyacinths and irises. Minimal gold foiling and a silver finish to the logo are present on nearly all elements. Finally, the skincare line features a revitalizing exosome serum, an anti-aging exosome serum, and an exosome sheet mask and retail bag.

Exosomes were a key point of the branding process as they are Benev's miracle ingredient. Women in STEM were chosen as the beginning of charitable efforts because of the arduous scientific research and development needed to create exosome skincare products.

Packaging & Identity
Benev Luxury Skincare