Kitty Kush


Kitty Kush is a conceptual cannabis brand made for Doja Cat, a prominent female rapper. The playful colors represent Doja Cat's presentation of herself on all social media platforms. The logo is a cheetah winking and smoking, chosen because of the faux freckles makeup that Doja Cat often wears, and, to represent her flirty and playful side.

Doja Cat is often seen in vibrant, popping colors and her clothing choice is a call back to Y2K (year 2000s) fashion. Due to the Y2K callback, a blinged out flip phone was chosen to house rolling papers, and each pre-roll box is bejeweled along the sides. There is a rolling paper flip phone, 3 different strains of pre-rolls, and a roach clip logo keychain in the set. The pre-roll strain names were chosen as an allusion to the gangster, high-roller lifestyle rappers endorse.

A key point in the creation of this brand was to make sure that every single iteration of it, when placed next to any image of Doja Cat would match her personal stylistic choices. Funny, flirty, sexy, colorful, and open about smoking, Doja Cat was the perfect candidate for a cannabis brand.

Packaging & Identity
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