Iris Van Herpen


Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer utilizing 3D printing techniques to create garments. She often visits CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, where she takes great inspiration. Van Herpen also draws ideas from sea-life organisms. This booklet features cutouts on the front cover to reveal a glittery paper reminiscent of her fabric choices, and the centerfold contains a page of 100lb rose-textured paper the color of bone with a quote from Van Herpen. Some of the imagery contains peeks of her fabric and runway dresses that match some of her main influences, such as neuroscientist Ramon y Cajal and hydrozoans. The pebbled background represents her allusion to sea-life organisms and geological forms.

The objective of this project was to create a brand booklet that encompasses Iris Van Herpen's creative process and the various routes she takes to bring her stunning creations to life. Diving deeper, a sans serif typeface was chosen to represent the thin, elegant, and clean lines often found within her works. On the transition spreads, a bold serif typeface is present for added elegance and to signify a new topic. The dark background reflects the status of those who wear her pieces, which are high-level celebrities and the upper echelon of society. The blue-green accenting matches the oceanic pictures and textures that reoccur in her work. Finally, the zebra back cover was chosen due to the heavy line usage commonly portrayed in her creations.

Brand Booklet