Don Q Rum


Don Q’s (DQN) Rosinante Rum is an alcohol showcasing the story of Don Quixote, the ingenius gentleman and chivalrant noble who rejects modernity and lives out his life as a knight. For the bottle of the rum, Don Quixote’s horse, Rosinante, acts as the holder. It was modeled from scratch using Cinema 4D. The saddle showcases the title and information of this luxury alcohol with a carpet underneath, referencing old Spanish knights. Rosinante is frozen in motion to symbolize the way Don Quixote never rested. The fonts were chosen and ornamented to allude back to Puerto Rican and Spanish heritage.

While Don Quixote can be seen as a historically-prevalent comedy, one of the most translated books around the world, and considered the first modern novel, Rosinante and the saddle are designed without humor to reflect how Don Quixote took his pretend role as a knight very seriously. For the logistics of the bottle, the chain bridle acts as a mechanism to keep the lid from getting lost and the gold muzzle band would ideally let the snout unscrew to pour.

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