Cyber Fashion Week


Cyber Fashion Week is an online fashion show event hosted by Palestinian fashion brand Trashy Clothing. Exploring sustainability within the cyber world, a variety of fashion designers showcase their work via an intersection of fashion, music, photography, art, and performance. After the event there is a party with the dresscode Bedsheet Couture.

The assignment explored hypothetical feelings and contradictory states for the event in order to get to a unique and bold final look. To fully embody the content, the display of the event went through expository, biomorphic, representational, sympathetic, antithetical and hybrid combinations. Going through ~20 iterations, the final version of the poster is in motion, fully representing the internet age. The final poster features a globe, or the world wide web, for the designer names.  Various serif and pixelated fonts, a pixel backboard to imply being within the code, and swirling swaths of satin fabric to tie back in the fashion element. Flashes of channel disruption and pixel sorting reflect the instability of bad code and pixel life cycles as well as keep the viewer intrigued.

A select sampling of the poster iterations can be seen in the second video going in order of creation. Both videos loop perfectly making the applications good for digital poster displays and social media. 

Motion & Advertising
Online Fashion Show